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Quad News

Quad County News 

Hi to all,

Quadcounty SC has been busy with seven bridges to rebuild, signing to put in place, brushing and clearing down trees. We have had a good turnout with the trail projects. We are lucky to have five young people that have been stepping up to help with the trail work, making it easier on us older club members. Thanks to everyone that helped on the trails getting them ready for riding and grooming.

Grooming started the last of December which is certainly different than last year. Our area was getting freezing rain and heavy snow making a good packing base. The trails were shaping up fast even with the freezing rain dropping some extra trees and brush in trails. Two person crews were out clearing and grooming, all the trails had been groomed at least once. Then Mother Nature hit the Quadcounty area with two days of rain and almost 50 degree temps.

Our snowpack shrunk and water everywhere! We have been on hold, not touching our trails letting water drain off or freeze. Our base is still in place, waiting for another snowfall before continuing the grooming.

Our breakfasts are still doing well each 1st and 3rd Saturdays each month. Quadcounty SC serves a supper each month on the 2nd Saturday night. December was Lobster Stew and Beef Stew. January was Spaghetti. February is Turkey Pot Pie.

Hope to see you at the Clubhouse on Rt. 6 in downtown Springfield. All our meals are eat in or take out. We have great cooks and helpful and friendly kitchen crews. Our breakfasts are cooked in a timely manner after you fill out your meal ticket. You can eat and stay and visit or stop in by car or on sled and be back on the trail in no time with a full belly.

Your slow typing reporter,