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Quad News

Quad County News 

Hi to all,

The last month has flown by, if a bunch of brave volunteers hadn't gone and replanked a 45 foot bridge in single digit temps,today,I wouldn't have remembered the newsletter. Quadcounty has about 5-7 inches of snow on the ground, the trails would be better with no snow to insulate the ground with the low temps of the last few days. There is wet areas  on the trails, they will drain off or freeze up if these temps continue. Quadcounty SC has done quite a bit of machine work in problem areas on the trail system. We still have one more bridge to finish replanking. Hopefully we have a big crew to do that job.

Dec 9,Santa came to the clubhouse for Breakfast, the children had their picture taken with him, decorated cookies and Quadcounty SC raised $400 for the Pine Tree Camps. We plan to donate it at this years egg run, hopefully other clubs can raise money for a worthwhile cause.

Quadcounty SC serves Breakfast the first and third Saturday all winter long 7-10am.We are serving  Lobster Stew, January 13,4-6pm. If you don't like lobster,we will be serving beef stew besides rolls,drinks and dessert. Hope to see you at the clubhouse.

Your slow typing reporter,